Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas parties!!!

First semester has officially ended with the culmination of the freshman group Christmas party.  It is amazing to think it has four months since the kick-off.  Wow! It honestly feels like maybe a month has passed since we all gathered on central campus.  God blows me away at what I have been privileged to witness these past months.  I'll write more about that later.  

The freshman group Christmas parties is one of those things that doesn't take a whole lot of planning but freshmen always have a blast.  This year we did a scavenger hunt first, then headed off to the church for snacks, a few games, and lots of dodgeball (also some Elf action.)  The scavenger hunt turned out amazing!  

Here's what they had to do:
People to meet (get these signatures)
-a person over 60
-a stranger that you hugged
-a police officer
-an elf at the mall
-a starbuck's employee

Things to Grab
-a McDonald's napkin
-a candy cane
-a receipt for 11 cents of gas paid with cash
-a water from B-bops (also randomly costs 11 cents)
My favorite---a xerox with every team members hand together

Places to Go
-What is the soup of the day at Perkins?
-How many bathroom stalls at the Super Walmart?
-How many bike racks in front of the Ames Library?
-What movie is playing in theater 9 at Movies 12?
My other Favorite--Go to 1225 Northwestern Ave and carol.  (This is my neighbor Phil who is 70 and absolutely loved being a part of this.  Seeing his eyes light up everytime a group went up to his door was priceless.)

My third favorite was that every group also had to complete a random act of kindness.  The students did anything from pay for a whole family's cookies at the mall to buy a teddy bear to donate to give candy canes out to kids to hold doors open to pay for the coffee for the person behind them.  



Kassie said...

i like the caroling one. that is really nice.

Travis said...

I'm glad it went well! Did you get any elf signatures?

momX5 said...

I liked the last two. the old man one mades tears comb to my eyes. he will will talked about it for years.