Thursday, December 18, 2008

sleet is amazing!

My random observations from the day :)

1. While at the mall, two different store employees commented on me dancing randomly.  Hmmm...that could be a bad thing since I can't dance at all, but it is so fun.

2. Sleet is now my new favorite form of precipitation.  Mostly because it is really fun to dance in...yeah I was in a dancing kick tonight.  I also loved driving with my window down in sleet with the radio on full blast though it hurt a bit when it hit my eye.

3. Two strangers helped my friend and I scrape off our cars.  Then we got to help some other strangers scrape off theirs.  It is amazing how much joy you can find from helping someone out. 

4. I love seeing old friends.

5. The chinese place at Jordan Creek has amazing steamed rice!  Amazing rice!  Seriously you should try it.  You won't regret it.  It reminded me of the rice at the Drunken River (it was called that) in Wuhan. By far the best rice I had eaten in China.    


Kassie said...

did the ice ever come?

momX5 said...

so did they say you dance good. or something like-you must be in a happy christmas mood??? Kaci you see so much the rest of us don't. Thank you for hitting me with reality you all

Kelsey said...

i thought you didn't like winter... and cold fun winter things

RAP said...

Ryan and I both agree that the Drunken River DID have good rice!