Saturday, January 17, 2009

16 randoms

16 random things about me:

1. I always have a box of strawberry cake mix and strawberry frosting in my cupboard just in case an unnamed friend is having a bad day cause it always brings a smile to her face.
2. I really like reading frugal mom blogs.
2. No matter what job I have I become extremely passionate about it and love it.  Ex. the summer I worked at McDonald's I was ready to work there for the rest of my life and climb the McDonald's hierarchy because I loved it so much.
3. My favorite color combination is orange and purple.
4. I really like it that my sisters names all rhyme and start with a k.
5. I think I am addicted to minesweeper.
6. My senior year of high school I had an internship with the state climatologist, so I know a whole lot of useless facts about Iowa weather patterns.
7. I love the ocean.
8. Sometimes I forget it is not socially acceptable to leap in public.
9. I like to country line dance...just wish someone would be patient enough to teach me, so I would be good at it.
10. I'm not a big fan of ice cream or chocolate.
11. Ever since 6th grade, I've dreamed of having a heated toilet seat.
12. I have spent many of days sitting at bookstores reading books cover to cover.
13. I love to play dodgeball, and I'm pretty good at it for a girl.
14. Someday I would love to be a foster parent.
15. I think a field covered with snow in the dark is one of the most beautiful things God has created.
16. I love to drive with my window down in the rain, heat turned on high, and the radio on full blast.

So I now I tag Kelsey, Sarah, Kassie, Carrie and all need to write a post about 16 random things about you :)


momX5 said...

What is a frugal mom blogs . are you taking about me? or about someone else that is a mom? it is number 2 on your list!!!!!!

Kelsey said...

i like snow on corn fields too... it must be bc we are sisters

momX5 said...

I like snow too on plow corn fields, where the stalks have been plowed under.It must be a family thing or a Iowa thing

Anonymous said...
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