Friday, February 27, 2009

God's perspective

This is a great article that reminded me again of how God views me.

some goodness from the article:
"I guess I often go through life thinking that God is generally displeased with me. I see my sin, I see my failings, I see my heart. At the same time I see from Scripture God’s majesty, his holiness, his perfection. And when I put these together I suppose that God must be looking at me with at least some level of disgust. He must regard me as I regard myself so much of the time; as a person who may try to do what’s right, but as a person who is just an abject failure when it comes to holiness. At the end of the day, I do love him, but I also love sin. At the end of it all, I pledge allegiance to him, but prove allegiance to myself seemingly just as often. So what could there be for him to love here?"

"I am starting to see that God hates my sin but that he loves me. God despises the evil that lurks within me, but is extravagant in his grace. He actually, really loves me. And maybe in that way God isn’t so different from the pastors I see at conferences. He loves us. He loves me. And more than that, he’s proud of me. He isn’t petty, filling his mind with all those things I’ve done wrong, but rather he is gracious, seeing all those evidences of his grace in my life."

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Best Life

I have been getting this magazine in the mail called Best Life now for approximately a year and a half.  It comes directly to me with my correct name and address....creepy.  Each time I get it I contemplate why in the world I get it for a couple of minutes and then throw it directly in the trash.  From what I can tell, it is a magazine directed at men who are in the forties, working in the business world, care about their health, care about their style, care about being a good father.  I don't fit in any of those categories whatsoever. 

I keep thinking maybe it will stop coming because the subscription will have to end someday right...No, I feel like I am in the movie Groundhog day and the same day keeps happening over and over.  Ever since the June issue it has come with an envelope saying "This is your last issue," and then I get a little excited thinking I will never have to see it again.  But then the August issue had the same message, and the September, and the October and November and December....and I thought it's a new year, of course they will stop....Nope they have been coming faithfully and each time they have an envelope warning me this is my last issue.  


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

lessons learned

Tonight I took my very pregnant friend's dog for a run, since she is on bed rest.  It has been a few years since I have gone running daily.  About once every other week I head out and think oh I'll go for a run and then I get bored after a mile or so and just give up.  But I decided if I had a dog, I think I could pick up the habit of running again.  They add a whole new element of entertainment. 

Also slightly funny, Halfway through the run, Brandy, the dog, decided she needed to take care of business.  I wasn't prepared for this since I have never personally taken care of a dog.  So the whole time I was praying that the people in the house wouldn't be home and come outside and see the dog fertilizing their lawn.  I had planned to go back and pick it up after I ran back to my friend's house, but I got confused what house the dog vandalized and so I couldn't find it.  If you're that homeowner reading this blog, I'm sorry.  It was out of complete ignorance and now I know the next time I take Brandy for a run to bring a plastic bag with me.      

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Kittens, Inspired by Kittens

At the pancake dinner, we had some great entertainment that including this video with several reenactments.  


Again can I say how much I love Tuesdays.  (My mom told me she enjoys when I list out my days events for her via my blog. This is for you mom, so you can live vicariously through me :)  love you)  Tuesday is my day off and the day I take as a Sabbath.  I slept in this morning which is always great.  Moved very slowly getting ready and then headed to Ankeny to eat lunch with my wonderful mom.  The drive was beautiful...the sun was shining, I wore my sunglasses praying for Spring to come quickly and drove with my window down.  

After lunch I went and fed my aunt's cats.  Then I headed to Borders.  I love bookstores!  I hung out there for a couple of hours.  Spent some sweet time in prayer.  Last year I consistently prayed over a list of forty people everyday and had strayed from that towards the end of the year.  I have written a new list and strive to everyday lift those people up to God.  It has been a blessing to get back into the mindsight of how can I pray for this person right now and who in my life can I be praying for.  I also browsed some memoirs for a bit.  I think if books were drugs my drug of choice would be memoirs about absolutely anything.  They get me hooked.

After Des Moines, I was able to hang out with my wonderful friend Sylvia!  It was oh so wonderful!  She is amazing and encourages me in so many ways.  Then it was off to celebrate National Pancake Day! A friend of mine, Travis, made some delicious pancakes with an amazing assortment of toppings.  

And now the day is almost done, but I will end it with a couple of episodes of Lost and then fall asleep and hopefully not have too many dreams about polar bears and a black smoke chasing me.

Monday, February 23, 2009


Thanks to kelsey I have found another way to waste my time.  

This fun site

It randomly generates a new blog on your screen every six seconds.  But if it stops on one you find interesting, you can pause it.  It is pretty cool.  


I don't fear much in my life, but I have two incredible fears that are almost debilitating (okay slight exaggeration, but they scare me a whole lot).  I know they are completely irrational and have no true basis in my life.  I was reminded of them both lately so I thought I would share them with the world.

1. touching fish.  I can put a worm or leech on a hook, but refuse to touch a fish.  This includes anything for a tiny goldfish bought at Walmart to something big that just came out of a lake.  I was pondering the root of this the other day and I'm pretty sure I can blame this on my brother.  Once when I was a small child and was fishing while camping, he left me alone and told me if I caught a catfish while he was gone to be careful because it could sting me. a small child, I had no idea what a catfish looked like, thus I decided in my small little mind that all fish are capable of stinging me.  I now know this is completely untrue, but you still won't see me touching fish anytime soon.

2. art museums.  When I think about going into an art museum it makes me shiver.  I know this is again irrational, but I always think I will get trapped in one and not be able to find my way out.  There are all these little rooms that lead to other little rooms that lead to hallway after hallway and some stairs here and there with paintings and statues in every nook and cranny and you keep walking through and through with the end never in sight as it seems to get warmer and warmer as you keep walking and walking around in circles.  Seriously I think the walls at art museums are moving in towards me every time I walk into a new area.  Moral of the story, you probably won't find me frequenting any art museum any time soon.  

Friday, February 20, 2009

Obama's favorite cookies

Today for my lunch break some coworkers and I decided we should check out Baby Boomers and try their famous Chocolate Chunk Cookies.

You should read about them here. Supposedly they are amazing and the favorite cookie of the Obama family....A guy in the article describes the cookies as such "They're really moist and soft, and they're good dunking cookies," he said. "They make you feel like a kid. It's like when you have a snow day and you stay in your pajamas and watch TV all day. You have two and then you decide to have four. It's a good cookie."

*That's me with a smile on my face before I ate the cookie...

Well here's my review....
The cookie is way anti-climatic. The man in the article lied completely. I decided to have one and then half way through I threw it away. Has almost no taste, pretty much flavorless, wait I might have tasted some butter. Way too big of chocolate chunks not evenly distributed. I'm pretty sure Hy-Vee has better cookies actually.

If the Obama family really thinks they are great, it makes me wonder what kind of cookies have they eaten in the past. Does Michelle every make cookies? And if she does, they must be pretty horrible.

I kind of feel sorry for people who think this is the best chocolate chip cookie Iowa has to offer. They must live a sad life and never have tasted 'real' chocolate chip cookies.

The moral of the was just a cookie, nothing at all to rave about or to ship special to the White House to enjoy.

Also, many of you know that I am not a huge fan of chocolate anyways, but there are definitely chocolate chip cookies out there that I enjoy. There was also four other people with me who didn't enjoy them either.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

caffeine free

I have been caffeine free for a month now!!!  I am slightly, only slightly, tempted to go buy a mountain dew right now.  I'm not going to though.  I haven't decided yet when I am going to allow myself to drink caffeine again.  I know that once I start to drink it again that I will fall down the hill quickly, so I should stay away from it as long as we'll see....

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Yesterday after I took a short nap, I watched cnn for way too long.  During this time, I think I saw Obama sign the stimulus bill maybe ten different times.  I made two different observations as I watched the video footage over and over.  1. President Obama is left-handed.  2. I think he used about ten different pens to sign his name...slightly awkward.  Write one letter, switch pens, write the next letter, switch pens, and so on.  Do you think the person who gets one of those pens knows what letter in Obama's signature he wrote with it.  I think I would want the one that wrote the M....

Who Killed Freddy Frashmin?

Last Friday night we had yet another amazing Freshman group social.  Since it was Friday the 13th, we decided a murder mystery was in store.  Lance (another intern) and a couple of other people wrote an amazing script.  Our sophomore leader's were the characters and they rocked it.


I was slightly stressed out about getting the food situation under control because it required me to be task-oriented.  I realized Kaci and task oriented should not even be in the same sentence because it is probably the only thing in this world that stresses me out.  Our sophomores were rockstars once again and acted like host/hostesses and waiter/waitresses.  They were constantly filling drinks, clearing tables and serving food.  We served salad for the first course.  The main course was BBQ pork sandwiches, green beans and mashed potatoes.  Then my friend Sarah made tons of absolutely amazing truffles for a wonderful dessert!!!!!

After serving the 60 freshmen dinner and watching the murder mystery, we transitioned to swing dancing.  Stan (the freshman director) was pretty clever and tricked most of the freshmen into finding dance partners.  All but two freshmen danced, it was amazing.  We also had the same number of guys and girls which rocked a whole lot.  We taught them all to swing dance, had them switch partners a few times and then we broke out into a dance party.  It was so much fun.  One of the many reasons I love freshman group is because no matter what kind of music you play, they will dance to it and love it....from swing dancing to the hokey pokey.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

More about the awesome murder mystery dinner theater that took place tonight later, but for now I will leave you with a fun fact....

I swallowed a whole, live goldfish tonight.  

thats all :)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Tuesdays are my Sabbath....the day I get away to rest. After running way fast the whole weekend from thing to thing and being way sleep deprived, Tuesdays have become such a blessing. I love them!

Why yesterday was so great....
I slept in. When I woke up, the sun was shining. I sat on my couch by my windows, open my door, turned off the heat and snuggled up with a blanket and my Bible. I had a great time of prayer and a great time of calming my mind and laying out my worries before God. I drove to Ankeny with my windows down and sunglasses on. It seriously felt like spring. I loved it! I met with a girl and we talked about God. My favorite thing to do. I challenged her a whole lot and was pretty blunt, but I know God is doing big things in her. Then I went to Des Moines again with my window down and sunglasses on. (I love Spring!) I had dinner with two great friends. They grilled. (Again I love Spring!) We had a blast talking and sharing our lives. I heard a couple of fun stories that made my night (actually probably made my week). Then I got to see another friend and see her beautiful new house. She gives the best hugs. Then I got to hang out at Barnes and Noble and end my night reading. I even had a reading buddy which was great.
I absolutely love Tuesdays.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Thoughts of the day...

Just so you all know my sister Kelsey is pretty cool and awesome.  I'm talking to her right now and yep she's pretty amazing.

my new expert minesweeper high score is 262 seconds

I just discovered on facebook that on the tabs where it says 'news feed' and 'status updates' and such, one of the tabs says 'live feed.'  If you click on that you can get a live feed of everything on your news feed.  It is quite creepy. 


Sunday, February 8, 2009

everything is a competition

Not until very recently did I realize my family was extremely competitive.  I always knew everything was a competition in our family but I thought that was normal.  I thought every family did that.  Then I was talking to my roommate about how she doesn't like to play board games because of the competition factor.  I thought that was so weird.  

These past few weeks I've seen how competitive my family is and have realized that not everyone is like that.  Here is one of the many, many examples of how my family turns everything into some sort of contest, game, competition.  It is completely ridiculous but somehow a completely normal thing in my family.   Oh how I love my family :)

Here's anther great example.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Why guys aren't asking you out...

So this is current favorite blog series I am following....It cracks me up! You should read it!!! I'm pretty sure he has read my mind when he wrote most of this. I love how he talks openly about all of the thoughts that are running through our minds that we ashamed to talk about. So go read it and enjoy!
I run in the path of your commands, for you have set my heart free.
Psalm 119:32


I should be in bed right now, but my mind is wandering in a thousand different directions and unfortunately none of those involve sleep.

Here are some of the wanderings of my mind tonight...
-There are only 9 more freshman groups left...that makes me incredibly sad.  I have loved my time being involved in Salt Company and now working for Salt.  It makes me really sad to think I will have to say good-bye to this stage of my life.

-I absolutely love my sister Kinsey and have been praying for her a whole lot these past few days.

-Minesweeper....I learned that if you click the right and left buttons on the mouse at the same time on a number that already has that many squares flagged, it clears the unflagged ones...(I promise that made sense in my head).  It's pretty amazing.

-God is trustworthy.

-Sunday I fell twice on the ice on my sidewalk in the same exact spot. 

-I've been challenged in my time alone with God to make it my ambition in life to know God and make him known.

-For the freshman group Valentine's social on Friday the 13th, we are putting on a murder mystery dinner theater called 'Who Killed Freddy Frashmin?"  I'm pumped about it.  Lance (the guys intern) is writing it and he's one of the most creative guys I know, so it should be sweet.  Afterwards we are having swing dancing lessons and an awesome dance party.  And we all know how much I love dance parties!!!  :)

Monday, February 2, 2009

spoons, dodgeball, commercials

Last night we had a sweet freshman group Super Bowl Party.  Here are some highlights from the evening...

-There were several new students there that I got to get to know and have fun with.

-By God's grace, I learned a whole lot of names and remembered a whole lot of names.  (Someday I will get on my 'you should learn people's names' soap box on here.  I'm pretty passionate about it, though I fail a whole lot at it.)

-I was really, really sick this weekend, but I was completely fine for kick off around 5pm.

-Every Freshman group event ends with Dodgeball...I love dodgeball...I'm sad that someday dodgeball won't be a part of my monthly schedule.

-SPOONS CHAMPION OF THE WORLD...okay maybe a slight exaggeration, but I did WIN a very intense spoons half-time competition.  You may be thinking oh she beat five people.  Nope, I beat out 70 other people.  I have a golden spoon now to prove it too (well, a gold spray painted wooden spoon with a pretty 1st written on it.)  This competition showed why I shouldn't be allowed to play games ever...I get way way way (did I say way) too competitive.  

-Super fun to watch the game projected in High Definition on a really big screen while lounging on a couch next to some pretty amazing freshmen.  

-The commercials were nothing to rave about this year, but a couple of our guy leaders who are rockstars deserve golden stars for the night.  They desire to pursue purity so much and want it for others too that they delayed the game for a minute, so when the couple of inappropriate commercials appeared they skipped ahead.  This was really honorable of them and some day theirs wives will be blessed for it. 

I love my job!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sorry this is late....

Happy 21st Birthday My Beautiful Sister Kinsey!!!!!