Monday, February 23, 2009


I don't fear much in my life, but I have two incredible fears that are almost debilitating (okay slight exaggeration, but they scare me a whole lot).  I know they are completely irrational and have no true basis in my life.  I was reminded of them both lately so I thought I would share them with the world.

1. touching fish.  I can put a worm or leech on a hook, but refuse to touch a fish.  This includes anything for a tiny goldfish bought at Walmart to something big that just came out of a lake.  I was pondering the root of this the other day and I'm pretty sure I can blame this on my brother.  Once when I was a small child and was fishing while camping, he left me alone and told me if I caught a catfish while he was gone to be careful because it could sting me. a small child, I had no idea what a catfish looked like, thus I decided in my small little mind that all fish are capable of stinging me.  I now know this is completely untrue, but you still won't see me touching fish anytime soon.

2. art museums.  When I think about going into an art museum it makes me shiver.  I know this is again irrational, but I always think I will get trapped in one and not be able to find my way out.  There are all these little rooms that lead to other little rooms that lead to hallway after hallway and some stairs here and there with paintings and statues in every nook and cranny and you keep walking through and through with the end never in sight as it seems to get warmer and warmer as you keep walking and walking around in circles.  Seriously I think the walls at art museums are moving in towards me every time I walk into a new area.  Moral of the story, you probably won't find me frequenting any art museum any time soon.  


Kassie said...

i'm with you on art museums. they make me very sleepy. not scared, i just know i'm not going to enjoy it.

Kelsey said...

i think i like art museums, probably for all the reasons you hate them.