Wednesday, February 25, 2009

lessons learned

Tonight I took my very pregnant friend's dog for a run, since she is on bed rest.  It has been a few years since I have gone running daily.  About once every other week I head out and think oh I'll go for a run and then I get bored after a mile or so and just give up.  But I decided if I had a dog, I think I could pick up the habit of running again.  They add a whole new element of entertainment. 

Also slightly funny, Halfway through the run, Brandy, the dog, decided she needed to take care of business.  I wasn't prepared for this since I have never personally taken care of a dog.  So the whole time I was praying that the people in the house wouldn't be home and come outside and see the dog fertilizing their lawn.  I had planned to go back and pick it up after I ran back to my friend's house, but I got confused what house the dog vandalized and so I couldn't find it.  If you're that homeowner reading this blog, I'm sorry.  It was out of complete ignorance and now I know the next time I take Brandy for a run to bring a plastic bag with me.      


Kelsey said...

i think this is hilarious... you are to funny kaci

momX5 said...

That the good part about living in the country. That most likely why you didn't know you need to take a bag. That would have been embrassing.