Friday, February 20, 2009

Obama's favorite cookies

Today for my lunch break some coworkers and I decided we should check out Baby Boomers and try their famous Chocolate Chunk Cookies.

You should read about them here. Supposedly they are amazing and the favorite cookie of the Obama family....A guy in the article describes the cookies as such "They're really moist and soft, and they're good dunking cookies," he said. "They make you feel like a kid. It's like when you have a snow day and you stay in your pajamas and watch TV all day. You have two and then you decide to have four. It's a good cookie."

*That's me with a smile on my face before I ate the cookie...

Well here's my review....
The cookie is way anti-climatic. The man in the article lied completely. I decided to have one and then half way through I threw it away. Has almost no taste, pretty much flavorless, wait I might have tasted some butter. Way too big of chocolate chunks not evenly distributed. I'm pretty sure Hy-Vee has better cookies actually.

If the Obama family really thinks they are great, it makes me wonder what kind of cookies have they eaten in the past. Does Michelle every make cookies? And if she does, they must be pretty horrible.

I kind of feel sorry for people who think this is the best chocolate chip cookie Iowa has to offer. They must live a sad life and never have tasted 'real' chocolate chip cookies.

The moral of the was just a cookie, nothing at all to rave about or to ship special to the White House to enjoy.

Also, many of you know that I am not a huge fan of chocolate anyways, but there are definitely chocolate chip cookies out there that I enjoy. There was also four other people with me who didn't enjoy them either.


momX5 said...

I thought that story was really neat. Thanks for sharing.

Kelsey said...

i probably wouldn't like the cookies either... i'm not a big fan of soft cookies.

(obviously obama is crazy when it comes to choosing cookies)