Monday, February 2, 2009

spoons, dodgeball, commercials

Last night we had a sweet freshman group Super Bowl Party.  Here are some highlights from the evening...

-There were several new students there that I got to get to know and have fun with.

-By God's grace, I learned a whole lot of names and remembered a whole lot of names.  (Someday I will get on my 'you should learn people's names' soap box on here.  I'm pretty passionate about it, though I fail a whole lot at it.)

-I was really, really sick this weekend, but I was completely fine for kick off around 5pm.

-Every Freshman group event ends with Dodgeball...I love dodgeball...I'm sad that someday dodgeball won't be a part of my monthly schedule.

-SPOONS CHAMPION OF THE WORLD...okay maybe a slight exaggeration, but I did WIN a very intense spoons half-time competition.  You may be thinking oh she beat five people.  Nope, I beat out 70 other people.  I have a golden spoon now to prove it too (well, a gold spray painted wooden spoon with a pretty 1st written on it.)  This competition showed why I shouldn't be allowed to play games ever...I get way way way (did I say way) too competitive.  

-Super fun to watch the game projected in High Definition on a really big screen while lounging on a couch next to some pretty amazing freshmen.  

-The commercials were nothing to rave about this year, but a couple of our guy leaders who are rockstars deserve golden stars for the night.  They desire to pursue purity so much and want it for others too that they delayed the game for a minute, so when the couple of inappropriate commercials appeared they skipped ahead.  This was really honorable of them and some day theirs wives will be blessed for it. 

I love my job!


momX5 said...

Oh kaci, I just loved that picture of you and Kelsey, that is so cute. congrats on your spoon win:-}

Kassie said...

I like the new layout. Very pretty

Kassie said...

I'm also glad you feel better

Kelsey said...

you should put the spoons thing on fb.. like in your info. the world should now about it.
or maybe just start a group ( i would join)