Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Again can I say how much I love Tuesdays.  (My mom told me she enjoys when I list out my days events for her via my blog. This is for you mom, so you can live vicariously through me :)  love you)  Tuesday is my day off and the day I take as a Sabbath.  I slept in this morning which is always great.  Moved very slowly getting ready and then headed to Ankeny to eat lunch with my wonderful mom.  The drive was beautiful...the sun was shining, I wore my sunglasses praying for Spring to come quickly and drove with my window down.  

After lunch I went and fed my aunt's cats.  Then I headed to Borders.  I love bookstores!  I hung out there for a couple of hours.  Spent some sweet time in prayer.  Last year I consistently prayed over a list of forty people everyday and had strayed from that towards the end of the year.  I have written a new list and strive to everyday lift those people up to God.  It has been a blessing to get back into the mindsight of how can I pray for this person right now and who in my life can I be praying for.  I also browsed some memoirs for a bit.  I think if books were drugs my drug of choice would be memoirs about absolutely anything.  They get me hooked.

After Des Moines, I was able to hang out with my wonderful friend Sylvia!  It was oh so wonderful!  She is amazing and encourages me in so many ways.  Then it was off to celebrate National Pancake Day! A friend of mine, Travis, made some delicious pancakes with an amazing assortment of toppings.  

And now the day is almost done, but I will end it with a couple of episodes of Lost and then fall asleep and hopefully not have too many dreams about polar bears and a black smoke chasing me.


momX5 said...

That was really nice Kaci. I enjoyed our time together today,also.

Kelsey said...

40 people seem like a lot.
... are all these 40 people, people you know are are they like the random cashier at hyvee.

i think i need more detail about these 40 people. ... you should write a book about them.....

kaci said...

I know all of their first and last names Kelsey :) but maybe I should add that random cashier from hy-vee...jk

I think if I wrote a book about them, it wouldn't be that interesting except maybe the chapter title kelsey cause she's awesome

Kelsey said...

i think you would sell a lot of copies if you had a chapter about how kelsey is awesome.

i'm really impress that you actively think about 40 people. i mean really impress. (i almost want to blog about t how awesome that is)

momX5 said...

I think that would make a great book ,Kaci. think about it, a book about 40 people that you pray for. I think it would be neat.