Tuesday, April 21, 2009

30 reasons why I love my dad

I decided since Kelsey shared with the world 30 reasons she loved our mom I should tell the world how amazing my dad is too.

1. He loves to garden.
2. He loves giving away the food from his garden even more than gardening itself.
3. He taught me how to can peaches, deer meat, and cake.
4. He knows everyone and genuinely cares about them.
5. If he doesn't know someone, he will act like he does and soon become great buddies with them.

6. Him knowing people has gotten my sister out of a couple of tickets.
7. Once I went to a wedding three hours away with him. He never drove over 55mph and my car got 40mpg.
8. He secretly bragged about me to his friends in high school. I remember several of them telling me how proud my dad was of me.
9. He came to all of my softball games when I was little and hung on the fence by the outfield even though I am far from being athletic.
10. Little kids have mistaken him as Santa Claus.

11. He loves his in-laws.
12. He taught me how to play pitch.
13. Every time I am home on Saturday morning, he takes me to McDonald's and buys me pancakes.
14. Every time I am home on a Sunday morning, he makes me eggs, toast, and bacon.
15. Whenever you ask him where he is going, he says 'gonna go see a man about a white mule.'

16. Every time I come home, he look over my car without me asking, checking my fluids and such.
17. He bought each of my siblings first cars for us.
18. He made me late once for volleyball practice because there was a car who needed help on the side of the road. I had to run a whole lot of laps for this. But he taught me you should always help people even if it inconveniences you.
19. He has no desire to learn how to use the computer, but will often call me and ask me to google something extremely random and I love that he asks me to do this for him.
20. He always makes sure I have enough money for things. Even when I don't need it, he generously gives to me.

21. He loves each of his daughters and son and recognizes us as unique individuals with our own great qualities.
22. Never once as a child did I question if I was beautiful because he has always affirmed my sisters and I's beauty.
23. He wrote me a note once that said 'make me proud. love, Dad.' and mailed it to me. This note has hung on my wall for four years.
24. He quit smoking a long time ago.
25. He does all of the laundry at home and doesn't complain about it.

26. When I was in high school and my mom was in the hospital, he made it a priority to make us dinner every night and eat together nightly as a family.
27. In high school, he once told me if I went to a certain concert that I couldn't do something else that week. I went to the concert and thought I could talk him into letting me do something else that week too. I couldn't. I was so mad at him at the time. But now I love that he was consistent and stood his ground.
28. He eats my food and compliments it.
29. He always is ready to tell a joke. He probably at any given time has a picture in his pocket or some other prop that will lead to a joke. (He likes to carry around a piece of wood that he says came from Pinocchio's butt.)
30. He loves my mom a whole lot.


Kelsey said...

good job kaci.


Miss Becker said...

Love it. Absolutely love it. You are such an amazing woman who is constantly pointing others towards Christ. They see it. You are blessed to have them in your life.

I love you. Thanks for showing me what it looks like to love deeply.


Anonymous said...

Kaci Jo.. we are lucky aren't we... good job


Deryck said...

Wish my family was this tight. :(

kaci said...

Rick we are really lucky. We have an amazing family!

Anonymous said...

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