Thursday, April 16, 2009

Musings from a hospital room

My mom has been in the hospital for the past couple of days and I have had the pleasure of hanging out with her most of the time. (I love working for Salt Company and love how much my co-workers really care for me and my mom!)

Being in a hospital room has led to me trying to find new ways to entertain myself while my mom sleeps but also I have to be ready to drop my entertainment at a moment to help her. Thus I joined twitter. Anytime the three other sloss sisters (I really like how many 's'es are in sloss sisters) do something, the fourth one easily gets sucked in. So I was sucked.

Random other thoughts....I really like having lunch with my dad in the cafeteria. He's a great guy!

I love cable and being able to watch it reminds me how much of my life I would waste if I had it at home all the time.

My mom has an amazing suite for a room equipped with a couple of recliners, kitchen table, fridge, microwave, and couch. I feel incredibly spoiled since I've taken over half the room.

My mom cracks me up. :) I say that in the most loving way ever. She makes me smile. She's describing her hallucination's she is having now/what she is seeing when her eyes are closed. She says it is like going to a good movie. There was some mumbling about a werewolf who turned into a bunny rabbit and then flew away.

This is cool. It is a pic about where your taxes go.


Kassie said...

I remember last weekend you were talking about trying to get all of your sisters to join twitter. So you really wanted to be on twitter. =)

mike said...

Cool picture. Interestingly enough, they've halted production of the second item on the list (F-22 Raptor). They cost approximately 500 million to build and have never seen action. Better to have them and not need them than need them and not have them I guess.

Kelsey said...
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Kelsey said...

i am really starting to love this mike character.

we can blame the twitter thing on kinsey she added me as a friend after i had it for a couple of weeks and didn't use it.