Friday, July 10, 2009

Things that made me smile this week

1. A present for a special grad.

2. The movie Gran Torino. It's an excellent movie that doesn't shy away showing reality that many people live every day. A great review written by my former boss.

3. I am finally moved into a place in Des Moines with my good friend, Sarah. I have lived in this weird transitionally world that was hard to explain to anyone and sometimes I didn't really even understand it, but now I have a place to call home. Sleep is much more restful knowing you are sleeping in your bed in your home.

4. Kassie is coming home with Graham this weekend. Graham is officially smiling too, so that makes hanging out with a small baby so much more fun.

5. I have some pretty sweet friends that I get together with every Tuesday night to make dinner and watch a movie. I feel like these Tuesdays are filled so much wisdom that it makes me wish I was mentally able to soak up so much more wisdom on those nights.

6. I love my church.


Kelsey said...

what.. you updated your blog?

6. talking to kelsey!

Kassie said...

yay Kaci is back to blogging!