Monday, August 24, 2009


Growing up I was always believed without a shadow of a doubt that I was beautiful. I don't have any memories before college ever doubting this. Somehow my parents always instilled into my four sisters and I that we were beautiful. We didn't have to wear make-up for this to be true, but we could if wanted. I didn't ever think I needed to lose weight, but I was beautiful the way I was created.

I have no idea how my parents ever instilled this into me. I have a fear that I won't be able to instill this into my future daughters. This world scares me. It scares me because I have several friends who have struggled with different levels of bulimia to anorexia to over exercising. I have friends who have battled how they view their bodies for years and years. I have friends who would never ever leave the house without makeup on because they truly believe they are ugly without it. I have friends who could tell you that the moment they first believed they weren't beautiful. They could tell you the smallest details surrounding the event when the world told them they were ugly, overweight, or just not perfect. They could tell you the words that came from their parents mouth that first led to the insecurity of how they looked. They could pinpoint the moment that their world caved in. They could tell you the things they saw their parents do over and over that taught them to negatively view their bodies. They could tell you how their parents taught them to hate their bodies and never be satisfied with them.

How do you instill in your daughters that they are beautiful? How do you insure them that they are worthy of love? How do you protect your child from the lies of perfection that are constantly thrown at them?


Kassie said...

good post. I don't know what mom and dad did either.

Kelsey said...

well it is easy being beautiful when you are a sloss girl

Lara said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday! I'm enjoying reading some of your post and this one really spoke to me. I have 2 daughters and I'm dealing with this very issue. I think I've always been some what of a confident person. My Mother was a very confident women and I learned from her example. But, as a Christian Mom, I tell my girls that they are just the way God indented them to be. And they seem to be getting the message. I guess the only things I've consistently done with them is pray over them about this and I work on my own heart. It doesn't matter what I say to them, it truly matters who I am. If I want them to find their self worth in Christ, then I must do the same. It sounds like your parents did a great job with you!