Tuesday, August 4, 2009

new quest

I have a new quest in life to be a healthier person. Mostly because I would like to be forty someday and not have high cholestrol and high blood pressure like the majority of my mom's 10 siblings.

So far...
-I've taken a multi-vitamin every day for a month.
-I've tried to make a lot more food and have tried to stay away from processed food. I've made -homemade honey whole-wheat bagels, homemade granola, and zucchini brownies.
-I was going for a run every day for about a week until I mysteriously lost my tennis shoes. I seriously have absolutely no idea where they went. If you see them, I would love for you to let me know where they are. I'm giving them a few more days to show themselves before I invest in a new pair. In the absence of my tennis shoes, I've been trying to walk every night for at least a couple of miles still.
-I'm striving to get 8 hours of sleep a night. This was working really well until my summer job ended and now I am in the strange place patiently waiting for a full time job and working overnights until that comes about.
-For at least a month, I have been eating three meals a day. I had always skipped breakfast, but I'm trying to make it a staple in my life though it is not the most enjoyable thing.
-I've stopped drinking caffeine, yes again, for almost a month now. It's amazing when you get enough sleep and you are caffeine free how much energy you have.
-I've not been able to cut soda completely out of my life, but I try to limit myself to one sprite a day. With this, I've been drinking a whole lot more water to which is good.
-I've stopped texting while driving too. This doesn't really make me a healtheir person, but I guess my chances of dieing an earlier death are probably greatly reduced. I'm currently going at about a month too of being a text free driver, so everyone should feel a little safer on the roads now.
-I also was so tempted to go to a tanning bed every day for about two weeks, but in this new quest I decided maybe I shouldn't try to give myself cancer. (I still don't care about wrinkles though Kassie.)

Thats all I got now. Most of this is going at a month, so I feel pretty confident that I making lifestyle changes rather than just going through a phase, well thats my goal at least.


Kassie said...

yay for Kaci!

Kassie said...

But wrinkles are important. I'm pretty sure I didn't care about them three years ago. I'm like your future self constantly reminding you that wrinkles are good to avoid. =)

Kelsey said...

i like this new life quest... when i am your age i am going to start one. it is a good thing i can drink soda for another 3 years (and who knows maybe i'll start tanning, kassie has never said anything to me about wrinkles)

Kelsey said...
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Matt @ The Church of No People said...

Hey Kaci, thanks for entering my blog giveaway. Always great to meet new people and discover new blogs. I'm enjoying what you have to say. Hope to see you around again! Happy blogging!