Sunday, September 20, 2009


Today I was doing my long run (a disappointing 10.5 miles. My knees were killing me, so I sadly decided to listen to my body and stop short of my 12 mile goal.) and I was running on MLK from Euclid down to Ingersoll. Somewhere after Hickman, I'm running along minding my own business and I see these three men in their 40's/50's wearing cowboy hats. One is holding a lasso. I thought to myself...hmmm interesting, not something you see everyday in this area of Des Moines.

Then all of a sudden the man holding the lasso run up the driveway towards me and throws his lasso at me. No worries with my lightening speed (yes that was funny.) I avoided him or he just had really bad aim and missed me.

Often when I'm running I think up ridiculous situations and try to decide what would I do if that happened. Would I call 911, would I call the dsm non-emergency police number (yes that number is programmed into my phone), would I try to play it cool and laugh it off. Who would have thought even with my very large imagination that I would have never thought of 'what should I do if some man throws a lasso and catches me. So now I am pondering if ever I am running along again and some man throws a lasso at me but this time actually catches me, what should I do? Should I play it cool and laugh it off, freak out and immediately call the police, or freeze up and do nothing cause I'm completely shocked.

Oh the things to ponder...

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