Sunday, September 6, 2009

My week

Here's my week in pictures....

My sweet little cousin/Godchild turned 11. I got to go to his birthday party. It was a great reminder of the simple joys of childhood.

Kassie was in town on Friday night, so I got to hang out with her and Kinsey. (Is it sad that when I was going to write their names in the last sentence I started to type @kassie1001 and @slossyjr instead of their real names? I think our family might be a bit twitter obsessed.) Sadly though @ksloss was lame and couldn't join us too. So when Kassie comes in town that means she brings my favorite nephew, Graham. He was tired when I got there, so sadly no cute smiley pictures this time. The most exciting part of the evening though was my mom was feeling good enough that we were all able to go out to eat together! It was actually the first time that I have been around that she has felt good enough to go out to eat.

Christina and I took a day road trip up to South Dakota for LifeLight fest. I'm pretty sure we spent over half of the four hour drive confessing sin to each other. It's refreshing to be incredibly vulnerable to people. Even more refreshing when it is a two way street and you know you can trust that person with even the ugliest of ugliest things.

When we got to Sioux Falls, we got to have lunch and hang out all day with my good friend, Jason, who I met at Camp Hope in Connecticut back in the day. He goes to Moody and drove up for the weekend. We had fun reminiscing and laughing a whole lot.

Jason introduced Christina and I to our first official Quiverfull family. The two boys in the pic are two of twelve and their mom is still going. They aren't just a quiverfull, but the family also travels around half of the year doing traveling ministry stuff at NBA half-time shows, schools and lots of random place. I think I'm going write a post about them later. Needless to say, it was like learning about a whole new culture, yet so many of my preconceived judgements were proven wrong.

I'm pretty sure I have eaten this salad at least four times this week. It is like a little bit of heaven. Spinach, Gala apples, blueberries, sunflower seeds, soy nuts, feta cheese, raspberry vinaigrette dressing....simply amazing!

Overall it has been an amazing week where I enjoyed a lot of sweet people and God rocked my world on several occassions.


Kelsey said...

i also think in @ moments in my life....

Kassie said...

I think a shout out to the creator of your salad should have been included.