Wednesday, September 23, 2009


reasons while I'm thankful....

my mom actually feels good enough to blog.

i’m shielded by God’s power. 1 peter 1:5

for the feeling that something really good is happening right now.

in less than one month, all my sisters and i will all be in the same city. oh how i cherish sister bonding time.

amazing friends who encourage, challenge, rebuke, love deeply. friends who when they leave your jaw hurts from laughing so much.

hooded sweatshirts on rainy days.

my life is finally settling down yet still full of so many sweet adventures.

that my inheritance will never fade, spoil, or perish.

i’m filled with an inexpressible and glorious joy.

how much fun it is to learn the hoedown throwdown with women you can feel completely comfortable acting like a fool with.


Crystal Minnie said...

You do realize that you are going to have to teach me the hoedown throwdown, right????

I love being your friend.


Kelsey said...

yeah for sister bonding and learning the hoedown throwdown... and my favorite acting like a fool

Kassie said...

yay for sister bonding time!!!