Monday, September 14, 2009

Who have I become?

Today after lunch I was pondering life and such and realized I am a whole lot different today than I was a year ago. It is really strange. Here's a look into my life changes.

-I have only one job. This is the first time in four years that I have only one job.

-I typically wake up now an hour or two before my alarm. This is strange. I used to hit the snooze button several times every morning. Now I've become a morning person.

-I've officially been caffeine free for two months and don't see myself going back at all or for a very, very long time. The first week of withdrawal kicked my butt a little too much.

-Today for lunch I had homemade peanut butter (that I bought at a farmer's market) on whole wheat bread, peaches I had canned, salsa I had canned with multi-grain chips, an apple I had picked off a tree, and baby yellow tomatoes I had also picked. Let's just say this diet is a whole lot different than my diet a year ago.

-I ran 11.5 miles yesterday. This is strange also. I am not an athlete and never have claimed to be, so this weirds me out a lot.

-I go to bed around 10pm on weeknights. A year ago my average bedtime was 1am. This makes me feel old.


Kelsey said...

if i didn't know better i would call you a crazy environmentalist leftist... but since i know better i will just say that it looks like you have become a "Real" adult.
from what i have been told it's scary.

Kassie said...

I think you wake up before your alarm because you go to bed earlier.