Thursday, October 15, 2009

Dear Mr. Caribou Man (part VIII)

Dear Mr. Caribou Man,
I got to sit right next to you today and say good morning to you.  It was wonderful.  You wore the same lime green sweater today.  You left ten minutes after I got there to go to Prarie Meadows.  Ten minutes later your sidekick friend came.  He was looking for you but was nowhere to be found.  He told me that you said you would be there today.  No worries, I informed him that he just missed you and you had to go to Prarie Meadows.
Until tomorrow,

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*Lesli* said...

do you think that mr. caribou man knows that you write about him? i think you should slip a piece of paper in his cardboard cup holder that has the link to your blog on it.