Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Last weekend....(a little late)

Kassie, Kelsey, and Kinsey all came into town for the weekend.  Can I say 'oh so much fun?'  Cause it was!  I absolutely love my sisters and I love them even more when all four of us get to hang out together.  We started off the Friday night by heading to the World Food Festival.  It was the first time that all four of us had had a drink together ever in our life....exciting times.  

We then headed off to the Miley Cyrus concert!!!  (Kassie was a great sister and bought us these for our Christmas present.)  Kelsey was gracious enough to burn each of us a cd of the concert set list, so we would know more than just two songs during the whole concert.  I realized (again cause I'm pretty sure I already knew this) that concerts are so much fun when you know all the songs.  Concerts are also so much fun when you can have a two hour dance party with your sisters!

After the concert since Kassie and I are old, we were wiped.  We made a quick stop at the not at all scary Walmart.  I forget why, but we took this cute picture to commemorate the experience and I thought I should share.

On Saturday my cousin's child had a benefit lunch, so my sisters, brother, dad and I went to that.  (Kelsey and Kinsey left right as I got there, so they did not get a beautiful picture with my face.)  Can I tell you that yet another reason why I love my dad is because the shirt he is wearing is by far his favorite shirt he owns.  He is a funny, funny man.  

Graham and I got to hang out to this weekend.  He also got to see and experience snow for his first time.  Kassie and Graham are coming back up in a couple of weeks, so I will get my baby fill again soon!!!  

Saturday afternoon I was hanging around the house with Kassie with not a whole lot to do and my mom was asleep, so I decided I should try on all my past prom dresses and bridesmaid dresses and try on Kelsey and Kinsey's past prom dresses.  I had a good hour dress up session.  I was pretty proud of myself that I could zip up almost all of them.  (I said I could zip them up, not that they necessarily looked pretty all the way zipped up.)  I'm glad that I can still find ways to easily amuse myself.

Finally Sat. morning I headed up to Hidden Acres to hear Ed Noble speak.  I ended up going back to hidden acres for the Sat. night session too. It was amazing to be back and give lots of hugs to women I love.  The sight above made me miss Salt company so much.  I know God gave me Salt for seven years for a reason and I know He has placed me somewhere else now for a reason, but I will always remember those seven years as a time where God used Salt to radically change me.

Random journal thoughts from the retreat....
-When you read the Bible, read it as it is your story, cause it is your story.
-Miracles are God saying 'no' to the darkness and death on and in this world.
-trust God, kaci, trust him
-Guilt and shame are overrated as forces for change in our lives...they can create conformity but not likely to bring transformation.
-What if I learned to run the race a little faster?
-We aren't too small that we won't have to fight great fights.
-Connecting with God when times feel dark....-quiet yourself...-God is doing way more through you than you think...-you really aren't alone...-believe that God is about to break through

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