Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Dear Mr. Caribou Man (part X!V)

Dear Mr. Caribou Man,
Last Monday and Tuesday I attended a training for work, so I was unable to visit you at Caribou.  I got to meet another man though at my training who helped fill my grandpa crush need for a couple of days.  His name is George.  Don't worry George won't replace you and no need to be jealous.  He lives in southern Iowa, so there is a good chance I will never see him again.

George is a bit of a character.  At first, I will admit I was really a little bit annoyed with George.  He was a vocal man with a very definite opinion.  But then I was blessed to sit at George's table.  I learned George spent 11 years in the Army and spent a couple of years in Vietnam.  He was then an US Marshall (which he described as a sheriff for the Federal Gov't.)  He had some pretty good stories about his days working with fugitives.  I wish I sat by him all four days of the training because I know he would have kept me throughly entertained with his stories.  I wonder Mr. Caribou Man what kind of stories you have to tell about life.  I'm excited someday to hear about your adventures.

George was also great because of his belt buckle.  I've decided anyone who wears a large belt buckle has an entertaining story to tell.  They also have a personality to go along with the belt buckle.  I think I need more people in my life who wear belt buckles.

Well Mr. Caribou Man, here is a picture of my temporary grandpa crush.  He decided to take a bit of a nap during the training...oh old people...

Until another day,
kaci jo

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