Monday, November 23, 2009

Dear Mr. Caribou Man (part XVI)

Dear Mr. Caribou Man,

Sorry it has been so long since I have written to you.  Last week I was privileged to see you several times.  I had the strangest thing happen to me on Friday that I thought I would share with you.  To set up the scene, I created a layout of the local Caribou comfy chair seating arrangement.

When I came into Caribou, you were sitting in chair C, so I sat in chair F.  Elected Official came in and then sat in chair B.  You showed him a newspaper article and asked him if he remembered the game in '53 when Iowa played Notre Dame. Elected Official said he was just a wee one then.  Mr. Mayo Man then arrived at Caribou.  So Elected Official moved to chair E beside me and Mr. Mayo Man sat in chair B besides you.  Mr. Caribou Man shows the same article to Mr. Mayo Man, and he remembered the game.

Then Mr. Mayo Man came over and stood in between Chair E and F (between Elected Official and I) and starts talking about the game.  He talks about how Notre Dame faked an injury that stopped the clock and in the end because the clock was stopped allowed Notre Dame to win the game.  He then talked about last week when Dowling who was undefeated lost to Marshalltown in the State Finals for football the players did not go to the center of the field to shake hands.  Rather the Dowling players turned their backs and so did the coaches.

Mr. Mayo Man (mind you he was standing two feet in front of me) went on a rant about how he believes religion ruins people.  Conversations like this don't usually bother me at all, but this one happened to be extremely awkward because I was sitting there reading my Bible and every thirty seconds Mr. Mayo Man would look directly at me while he was ranting.

Mr. Mayo Man had some really great points that I totally agreed with.  One being how Christians and religious people (he talked about Muslims also) often say they believe that you should treat others how you want to be treated, yet they don't do that in their own lives.  Religion to him appears to be a lot of talk but no real change in a person's life.  Mr. Mayo Man said 'if you don't practice it, then you really don't believe it.'  I think that is so true.  So many people in America call themselves Christians but it doesn't affect their life in any shape or form.  I don't want to be that person.  I desire to live my life all in for Jesus.  I know I mess up a whole lot though, but in that messing up, I hope that people can see that I why I know I need Jesus because I can't live a perfect life.

Mr. Caribou Man could you please tell your friend, Mr. Mayo Man, that I'm sorry.  I'm sorry for any Christian out there who has hurt him.  I'm sorry for Christians who claim they are doing things for God but then do horrible things to people.  I'm sorry for Christians who claim the name of Christ, yet they slander and spread gossip.  I'm sorry for Christians who don't know what it means to love others as you love yourself and don't care to even try.  I'm sorry for Christians who want the world to know what they are against rather than what they are for--loving God and loving people.  My heart breaks for Mr. Mayo Man because you could tell by the harshness of his voice that he has been hurt.  He has been hurt by people who did not care that they were hurting him.  I'm sorry Mr. Mayo Man.  Mr. Caribou Man, please tell him too that even though many people misrepresent Jesus that does not change the greatness of the message that Jesus brought to the world.

Thank you,



b+k said...

best one yet, kaci

and i can totally visualize the space from your floor plan drawing :)

b+k said...

feeling lame for having those two posts above this one deleted, but it's only because i was impatient and hit the "publish your comment" button 3 times for the same comment! and now i'll hopefully post ONE TIME successfully...

Crystal Becker said...

Wow, a diagram drawing and everything! Mr. Mayo man seems intense!

Love ya,

Crystal Becker said...

Let me clarify... Mr. Mayo man seems intense... but he's right.

Maybe you should have a spin off blog post of, "Dear Mr. Mayo Man".

(I wanted to be like Kate and post a comment 2 times. :)

*Lesli* said...

Well done Kaci :) I see this turning into something big....Do you think Mr. Caribou knows that he is practically famous? I often wonder how you remember all of the details of these conversations....are you writing them down as they speak? I need to meet you at Caribou some morning. That would be fun, to see them in person.

Kelsey said...

random thought: someday mr. caribou man is going to go missing someday (like in CSI or without a trace) and they are going to find your blog and his family is going to be really freaked out.