Sunday, November 1, 2009


Random thoughts of the morning:

Yesterday I didn't set an alarm and was so excited to be able to sleep in for the first time in a long time, but my internal clock would have nothing of that.  I woke up at the same time I always wake up. But the good news is my body actually let me sleep the extra hour tonight.

I should be running right now, but I decided to write a ramble of a blog post to postpone the running.

I went and saw Paranormal Activity with some of my coworkers on Friday night.  It wasn't scary, just freaky.  (I promise that makes complete sense in my head.)  Freaky because it was all about demons and I really believe in that stuff.

Ever since my junior year of college, I've slowly gotten more and more motion sickness.  I remember the first time very distinctly, swinging in Washington with a friend at a retreat.  Then all of sudden I knew I had to get off of that swing or it would be very bad news bears.  Then that summer, I learned I can't ride school buses or it would be very bad news bears.  A couple of other things bother me to (some video games, Imax, etc), but I really learned of another one on Friday night.  Movies.  Well very low budget movies where the camera is not stationary.  Half way through Paranormal Activity, I left to go projectile vomit in the bathroom.  (I know that is a very nice visual, but I felt so horrible.)  I was able to sit and watch rest of the movie, but just had to have my head down and eyes closed every time the camera wasn't stationary (75% of the movie.)  Walking out to the car after the movie, I had a couple of other attacks of the motion sickness.  It made me so glad I did not have to drive home, but could sit in the passenger seat with my eyes closed.  So I learned my lessons to avoid movies like that or to take some Dramamine before it gets out of control.

Travis, Ryan and I finished season 4 of Battlestar Galactica yesterday.  Now on to last season, season 4.5.  It makes me a bit sad when I complete a tv series because you know it is done forever.

That's all I got, now I'm off to run...  

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Kelsey said...

i suppose 3D movies are a bug no no for you... that stinks