Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dear Mr. Caribou Man (part XX)

Dear Mr. Caribou Man,
You were at Caribou today!  When I sat down across from you, I said 'good morning' and you said it back.  Then when I was getting ready to leave I commented how it is supposed to get warmer today (cause all older people like to talk about the weather, right?)

You then started to tell me lots of random stories about your life.  I learned today that you worked for the city of Des Moines for 31 years.  Everyday you prayed you would win the lottery cause you disliked your job that much.  You have been retired for 16 years.  You live six blocks away from Caribou and love to walk.  I asked how long you have been coming to Caribou and you told me about how you went to this place every day when it used to be a Burger King.

My favorite part was you pointed over at Mr. Mayo Man who was buying coffee and said "that's my friend over there."  It is funny that you didn't think I realized Mr. Mayo Man is your friend.  He does sit by you most days at Caribou.  Then you told me how you two met each other in sixth grade on the playground.  (so fun!)  You haven't always lived near each other but you have always stayed in touch and close.  You also were both in each other's wedding.  How darn cute, love it!

I'm excited Mr. Caribou Man that you are back in my life.  I'm also excited to stalk you more learn more about your life.

Until tomorrow,
kaci jo  


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