Thursday, December 31, 2009

No Junk Food January

My dear friend, Suzy, introduced me last year to 'No Junk Food January.' Since I love randomly giving up things and making everything in my life a competition, I've decided to partake in this adventure.

What is junk food?  That is an interesting question.  Everyone has their own little definition and of course there is even a wikipedia article about it.

My rules so far are:
-no fried food
-no soda
-no desserts, candy, ice cream or anything of the like
-no food with excessive amounts of cheese
-no muffins or scones from Caribou

Those are the big ones.  Overall my goal is to bring my lunch to work a whole lot more and make a lot more food at my house.  We'll see how this goes...

For my next competition, I thought about no processed food feb., but that might be a little to intense a little to quickly.  I guess I need to see how this month goes before I dive into such a giant task.


Kassie said...

This sounds like a lame month.

Suzy said...

Yay! I made your blog! I'll hopefully be posting recipes that are healthy on my new cooking blog ( throughout this month! I'm working on convincing Steve to do a biggest loser competition with me starting tonight. Yesterday, while discussing it, it crossed our minds it could be detrimental to our relationship. :) We'll see what happens.

Kelsey said...

the only rule i have not broke this year was the muffin rule... lame