Tuesday, January 5, 2010

3 minutes

I was going through and deleting text messages the other day.  I saw that on Dec. 1st I sent a text to my boyfriend at 6:51 AM saying 'good morning.'  Then three minutes later I got the call from my father and all he said was "Kaci come home.  She's gone."  Wow it is amazing how different my life was in those three minutes, how much things changed.  

A cool story I was reminded of the other day which made me smile was the day before my mom passed away she was in the hospital.  I spent most of the day with her and spent the night.  That night, Ryan had come to the hospital to visit me and her.  Ryan and I went to another room to play cards.  When we left, my mom had me come over to her bed.  (Sidenote my mom was often known for saying things in a loud voice that should be said in a whisper/secret.)  And then she said in her normal voice "He's cute." and smiled.  I then went off to play cards and when I came back she was on the ventilator until morning when I left for work, so she couldn't talk.  I just realized those where the last words I heard my mom say in person.  It's kind of a cool memory to know that in her last words to me, she had given approval.  


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*Lesli* said...

your posts give me shivers.