Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Dear Mr. Caribou Man (part XXI)

Dear Mr. Caribou Man,
On Monday it was so good to see you.  You sat right down beside me which totally made my day!  You told me all about a trip you had taken to weekends before to see your grand-daughter graduate from college. (I was secretly wishing during this story that you were my grandpa.)  That weekend you and your wife had packed enough clothes for two weeks, but you were only going to stay for the weekend.  Your wife apparently likes to over pack.  But for some reason she wouldn't let you pack your winter boots and only let you pack your nice shoes.

And you say that is why all of the following happened....

You were walking down the street and it was really icy and snowy.  You all of a sudden slipped and fell which led to a giant gash on your forehead which led to lots of blood everywhere.  You were downtown Ann Arbor and didn't have your car, but a nice taxi driver offered to take you to the hospital for free.  You then went to the emergency room, had to get five stitches, and lots of test done to make sure your brain was okay.  In the end it was okay after you spent five hours in the ER.

And thus you blame your wife for all of this because she didn't let you pack your winter boots.

Until another day Mr. Caribou Man,

PS We also had a great conversation about your new studly hat.  You got it for Christmas.  It does look pretty great. (See above photo.)

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Kelsey said...

it's less creepy now that he talks to you.