Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Why I love my family (Part 2)

Last night I went to the hospital again to visit my grandpa.  While I was there two of my aunts were there and an uncle.  As soon as I walked in, one of my aunts and uncle smiles at me and says "we've heard some good news about you."  I immediately say "I am NOT engaged."  They continue to talk about it like they think I am really engaged.

Seriously people I am NOT engaged.

I then tell my aunt about how the story took place.  How my grandpa (who is clearly a bit off because while I was there for an hour, he asked three times if he had had his test yet, which took place four hours prior) had misunderstood my dad and my dad got really frustrated and then just gave up fighting him and left the room.  She then did say, "I thought it was a bit strange because I sat in the hospital room with your dad for several hours and thought he would have mentioned it in person if you were actually engaged."

But then my aunt then proceeded to tell me I shouldn't get married on Valentine's Day.  I then clarify to her again that I am NOT engaged.  She then continued to talk about it like I was really engaged and that she believed my delusional grandpa over me.

Seriously my family is ridiculous.  And I'm pretty sure they all think I am hiding this big secret from them and that every time I walk into the hospital room, I am hiding the ring in my pocket.

So moral of the story:  My family will believe anything that is told to them and it is almost impossible to convince them otherwise.

Second moral of the story:  I am NOT engaged.

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Kelsey said...

I think our family is great.
And I’m pretty certain that we would all do the same thing if we were told Kinsey was engaged.