Sunday, January 17, 2010

Why I love my family?

My family is big, crazy, and family gossip travels like wildfire...

Saturday night I text my aunt Kate asking for any news about my grandpa (who's currently in the hospital.)  She texts back saying, "do you have any news?"  I then text back, "Ummm, why would I have news and then ask you for news?"  She then says, "news about a ring?!?!"  I then say "ummm, yep, definitely don't have news about that."

A minute later my aunt Amy texts me "Congratulations on your engagement!"  Umm, Amy I am not engaged....

Apparently my grandpa decided that since my dad and him talked about how I did not want to get married in the Catholic Church (someday in the future, mind you, not right now) that must mean I am engaged to be married (my dad did try his best to explain to him I am not currently engaged, though he wouldn't accept that as an answer after he had made up his mind that I was), so my grandpa proceeded to tell all of his visitors yesterday that I am engaged.

Now I'm on a mission to squash the rumor, though I'm pretty sure there is no way to convince my grandpa otherwise that this rumor is not true.

Just to clarify again, if you didn't pick it up in this post, I am NOT engaged and I would love all the help I can get to spread that word especially to my family.