Monday, January 4, 2010

A year in Review

Read lots and lots of frugal, healthy, homeschooling mom with lots of kids blogs.
Actually read lots of blogs in general.
freshman group
Privileged to lead an amazing group of sophomore women...and I got paid to do it
Overnights, so many overnights
The Tow's
First time to Texas
Trusting God
Failing to trust God
blessed by an amazing dad
Sleeping in a hospital room
beeping, so much beeping
sister bonding time
Loving on my mom
I'm an aunt
an unbelievable whirlwind of change
After seven years, said goodbye to Salt Company
A new home and family, Westwind
many of nights sleeping on a futon at gracious friends' house
moved in with Sarah
Tuesday night dinner and movie
AEA summer school
gone are the days of caffeine
A faithful God who heals
family time
my first real grown-up job
Mr. Caribou Man
family blogging
(Kelsey,Kassie, Kinsey, and Mom
an incredible amount of family bonding time
one phone call changed my life forever "Kaci come home.  She's gone."
tears, heartache


Kelsey said...

good list... I was just informed that Dad called me last and i got a very different phone call.
and i'm a little sad i forgot miley in my list.

kaci jo said...

what was your phone call like?

kinsey said...

i wish i would have gotten a phone call :(

Kassie said...

crying a little

Kelsey said...

“Your mom passed away this morning”- dad
“seriously?” – me
“yeah”- dad

Kassie said...

Mine was "You need to book a plane ticket"

ben.cuentas said...

I like the things you say and do.