Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Dear Mr. Caribou Man (part XXV)

Dear Mr. Caribou Man,

Today you were back!  I was so excited to see you.  You were sporting the jeans and sweatshirt look with your hat you got from Christmas.  Unfortunately there were no chairs open by me and you sat across the room, so I didn't get to talk to you today.

Today was a bustling day at Caribou.  So many of our friend were there.  There was Mr. Embittered man who was meeting with Mr. Pastor Man.  There was Mr. Math man who was doing his usual tutoring thing.  There was the Puzzler sitting beside me, reading his newspaper before completing the daily New York Times crossword.

Suave man was there.  There is no way to describe him; hopefully I'll get a picture soon.  There was the Cribbage Trio, playing their weekly Wed. morning games of cribbage.  And then of course there was Joe Biden man.  He was waiting for his appt., trying to look cool by playing with his iphone.

I'm glad you're back Mr. Caribou Man along with all of our other friends.  Have an awesome Wed. and hopefully I'll get to see you tomorrow morning too!

Until then,

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Mikaela Kate said...

Reading your blog, makes me really miss you:)! Love you, friend!!