Wednesday, February 3, 2010

LOST Flight 815 cake

I was in charge of snacks for the LOST: Season 6 premier. I brought pineapple (because it was on-sale every tropical island produces this fruit), peanuts and pretzels (airplane snacks), fried chicken with a Mr. Cluck's label, and finally I made a replica of Flight 815 when it exploded....So enjoy my LOST cake....

I bakes two loaf pans and then one 9x13 sheet cake. I ended up only needing the sheet cake for the two little wings in the back of the airplane.

Frosted white...most people probably already know this but my roommate taught me this at the beginning of the year, if you freeze your cake, it makes it a whole lot easier to cut, shape, and frost. Luckily it was 10 degrees outside, so it was no biggie that our freezer was full.

Decorated, I used fruit roll-ups for the stripes...(which is also LOST related, Hurley had one to eat when he got out of jail and got into the cab with Jacob.)

And then the smoke to show that is was exploding. After asking all of my coworkers how I should represent the smoke, I settled on Cool Whip and dyed it gray.

The final product and it's amateur artist.


Suzy said...

This is awesome! You are so great!

Chris said...

Wow, haha that is cool! And nice tip on the freezing of the cake - I'll need to try that out next time :)

Thanks for the link ;)