Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I have sitemeter on my blog, just to kind of see where people come from and how they get here.  I have the free version, so it is pretty limited.  But I saw that yesterday someone came to my blog by googling "Deb Sloss Perry."  It makes me wonder who is out there googling my mom's name.

Today was my grandpa's funeral.  It was a lot harder than I thought it would be.  I think that was because it has only been a couple of months since my mom died, and I'm really sad for my dad since he lost another best friend.

I went to Arizona this past weekend, more on that in a later post.  The weather was amazing.  When I stepped off the plane in Iowa, it felt like I had been slapped in the face.  Jealousy ran over me a bit, but then as I was driving later, God was like 'why are you jealous Kaci?  Winter is a blessing.'  I then saw a car that was stuck half in her driveway and half way out on Hickman.  I got the privilege to pull over and help the girl push her car out of her driveway.  I then remembered how when we got over the foot of snow, I met more of my neighbors those couple of days then I had all summer.  We were able to help each other shovel sidewalks and driveways, snow blow, and push cars out of the snow.  These horrible driving conditions gives each of us such an easier way to serve and love those around us and I love that.


Kassie said...

In Jacksonville, you would be able to come together with your neighbors and help them out during hurricanes. A perfect substitute.

Dionna @Code Name: Mama said...

You can also sign up for Google Analytics, which gives you all kinds of interesting info on googled terms, location of visitors, etc.
Thanks for stopping by my site today :)