Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Used Books and Hot Tubs

-they don't forget your sadness
-they plan weekend aways to show that they love you
-they make you smile
-they are predictable and bring question books
-they'll pack a ridiculous amount of food because that is how they love
-they'll drive through inches of snow falling to get away
-they'll laugh with tears in their eyes when half of the luggage falls out of the back of the car after we unloaded and loaded the car again because we went to the wrong hotel
-they know a perfect weekend involves a hot tub
-they can go from tears of heartache to tears of joy in a matter of minutes
-they'll let you watch 16 and pregnant
-they'll let you ramble about how you miss your mom
-they know a perfect weekend involves a used bookstore
-they're up for googling a random church and going and falling in love with that said church, knowing God brought each of us there for a different reason
-they'll let you take a nap on the drive back to des moines

oh how i am blessed...


Kassie said...


- Christina said...

They don't tell the world your secret, that you secretly love and hate the TV Show _____________ ;)

Love you, Kac!

- Christina said...

They'll let you cry in the Irish restaurant while you talk about how your life may or may not be a mess...

Sylvia Fanous said...

They love the very first question asked..."If someone in the car..."