Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Waiting Patiently...

for Sun and Jin to reunite on Lost that is.  And other random thoughts about Lost.  If you haven't watched this episode or any, you should stop reading now.

But I'm starting to think that will never happen and that makes me sad.  If you look at all 6 seasons of Lost, Sun and Jin are rarely ever actually together.  And now in the flash sideways, they aren't together also.  So in the end are we going to find out they were never 'supposed' to be together.

I still don't understand the flash sideways.  I know no one fully understands the flash sideways yet though.  They seem so attached to what is happening on the island at that time.  In the flash sideways, Sun didn't speak English and then on the island last night, she couldn't speak English either.  The two timelines seem like the blend somehow.

So Charles Widmore is a good guy?  Did Widmore not want Desmond to marry Penny not because he didn't like him but because he was going to have to sacrifice himself somehow?


Kelsey said...

to many lost questions that don't have answers... but i'm starting to get annoyed with this sun and jin thing.
and i was just going to type a small theory here, but realized it would take up to much room and sounded ridiculous.

Kassie said...

I am waiting patiently (maybe impatiently) for your letter to mom.