Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Another Pointless Blog...

I have all of these thoughts that fly around my head that are longer than 140 characters but are not quite long enough to be a blog post in themselves.  I feel like I'm bursting with things to say but in reality I don't have much to say at all.

Last night I was talking to a friend and he mentioned how he writes his blog for himself and no one else (though he does put it out for the world to see).  I then wanted to be as deep and profound as him, so I started to think who do I write my blog for?  Immediately I thought, I write it for myself.  (I guess I wanted to be as cool as my friend.)  But then I realized, nope, Kaci you don't.  Who then do I write it for?  After much pondering (on a beautiful drive home with my windows down) I came to the conclusion, I write my blog for my family.  It started off for my mom.  Now it has warped into a tool I use to stay connected to my sisters--Kassie, Kelsey and Kinsey (don't expect much from Kinsey's blog, she hasn't updated it in 7 months).  I love that reason.  I love that I have this thing to be able to connect with them in one more way.  



Kassie said...

Not pointless at all. It is a great way to stay connected to family.

*Lesli* said... know you write it for ME.