Friday, April 16, 2010

Letter to My Mom (part 3)

This letter is part of a weekly series.  Read them all here.  

Hey Mom!

This week Ryan and I registered at Target.  (It is weird to write these letters because I know you would have asked the most off the wall questions about these experiences, so if I was really talking to you this letter would go a completely different direction.)  It was a lot of fun.  I think the funniest part was that Ryan had way more opinions than I did about things which is hilarious.  It also worked out well because I would have just stood at the wall of towels forever not really caring and he was like 'hmmm, this looks good...beep.'  and the decision was made.

It seems like every few days I'll search for an email in my inbox and I'll come across your old ones.  Thanks for those weekly group emails.  (Kelsey, Kinsey, and Kassie you should go back and read the one she sent on 3/8/07.  It is a tear jerker.)
"i also hope that you girls would be able to say you knew me well, i have tried to be really open with all of you..i might not be the greatest mom but i did a lot better job at it than my mom while i was growing up...she did the best she could  at those times..just as we keep this going and all of you kids will be really great moms,better than i"
You were a great mom and we did know you well.  Thanks for leaving the journals you wrote for us and your own journals and blog for us to read and learn from.

"So this all comes down to, is it good to do so much writing down thoughts and feelings. Years from now, will you girls read them. Will you curl up your lazy boys chairs and read them like they are a good book. I was really glad i read 1980 last night, it maybe realize I really am a survivor." 
Thanks mom for everything--memories, journals, emails and blogs--that you left us.

your favorite kaci jo



Kassie said...

=) love you.

*Lesli* said...

i love you too!!

kinsey said...

the email did make me cry. love you

Kelsey said...

i like that you added "your favorite Kaci"
that is very mom email like. :)

TRS said...

I came to your blog just a few months ago... and found your mom's idea so sweet that when my friend Kikr found out she was pregnant, I sent her a journal for that purpose. I took the liberty of writing the first entry, describing how we learned little peanut existed!
A few days later she lost the baby and I feared the journal was just one more reminder sitting in her house while she grieved.

Turns out, Kikr used the journal to write down her memories of happiness, excitement and joy... over the brief experience of expecting life.

Your mom gave Kikr that gift! Amazing!