Friday, April 30, 2010

Letter to My Mom (part 5)

Hey Mom,

This week a lot of people have asked me about how my wedding planning is going.  It is going well, but I feel like when people ask me they want me to be really excited.  But I'm just not.  Not that I'm not SO EXCITED to be married because I am SO EXCITED.  I'm just not the kind of girl who wants anything fancy or really even cares that much about the actual event.

I'm just ready to be married.

I'm ready to invest in a marriage and not in a day.

There are a few people at there who make me feel kind of guilty for not caring tons about this day.  I don't get it.  I'm doing my best to brush them off.  But it is still hard because my people pleasing wants to come out.

So on a less serious note, your husband got a Harley this week.  It reminds me of when we were little and you and dad both had your own motorcycle.  I remember your long braids that always had a handkerchief holding them back.  You were such a hippie.

Ryan and I are going to take pictures this weekend for our invitations.  I am so excited for them (I guess I am excited about some things, just not the things it seems people want me to be excited about.)  They are going to be way different than a typical invite.  I'm SO EXCITED.  I can't decide if this would be something you would think was neat or if you would just be like 'oh kaci.'  Kelsey is going to design them and put them together.  She could very easily get annoyed with me by badgering her with 'are they done yet?'  over and over.  Good thing she loves me.

Well I should go be productive.

Love your favorite daughter,
kaci jo



Kelsey said...

i think mom would love them b/c i'm going to make them.

Our Great Adventure said...

Hey Kaci!
Hope this doesn't weird you out-especially since I haven't talked to you in a long time...moving away has a way of doing that.. :) Anyways-I stumbled upon your blog and am very encouraged by it. I also am very encouraged to know that you are more excited about the marriage not the day that begins it. Don't get me wrong-it's alot of fun! The marriage though is what takes the work, sweat, tears, prayer, trust, laughter-all kinds of good stuff! :) I will be praying for you guys! ....and hope you don't mind if I read your blog for the encouragement you're still offering me far away! -Katie