Saturday, April 3, 2010

Letter to My Mom (part I)

Part of the series Letter to My Mom

Dear Mom,


Last night I was so excited and then it hit me, you won't be there for my wedding day. You won't be there to share with me the joy of planning a wedding. You won't be there. I got really sad. One of my good friends reminded me of the last words I heard you say face to face. You told me "He's cute." You gave me your approval. That means the world to me. Thank you mom.

I guess you probably want to know how it all went down, so hear goes. It was a beautiful night out (84 degrees, I know you would have hated how hot it was.) We decided after work we should go on a walk. I wanted to pack a picnic lunch, but I had to work late, so we got Jimmy Johns.

We headed down to a boat ramp on Saylorville Lake (We went here for our second date.) We ate our Jimmy Johns at a picnic table. Then went swinging together (Okay truth be told because of my extreme motion sickness I sat on the ground and he sat in the swing.) I then suggested we go walk down to the water before we went home. We walked down to the very high lake, and we were hugging and he started to pray for our relationship. (I told you he was a good guy.)

As we were walking back up the boat ramp, he had a huge smile on his face. I immediately thought he is thinking right now 'I really want to propose to her but I'm not going to cause I don't have a ring yet.' So I was not expecting it at all for at least another couple of weeks and because of that I was shocked when the next thing happened.

A few more steps later, we stopped and hugged again and then he said 'I LOVE YOU, kaci jo.' (It was made very clear from the beginning that I love you are engagement words, so I hadn't heard them at all yet besides one slip up that I will have to share another time that was caused by me, oops, but I promise it was a totally excusable mess-up.)

I immediately thought 'oh crap (but a 100% good oh crap), he is going to ask me to marry him, eeeeek.' He then got down on one knee and asked me if I would marry him. And of course I said yes followed by a I love you too!

Then I said 'so did you ask my dad,' because I knew that was really important to him. Ryan said "oh crap, I forgot because I was so excited/nervous." He then called dad and asked if he would have permission to marry his daughter. Dad of course said yes after he gave him a hard time about what Ryan would do if dad said no. (Ryan in response to that question said I would work hard to win you over.)

When we went to go call all of our friends and family, we soon realized it was April Fool's Day and every one seemed to be questioning it, so that was a slight fluke to his plan. But nevertheless, it was an amazing Thursday night and it added a lot more laughter to our life!

Ryan just got a band for me to wear now and we are going to go look for rings this weekend and this coming week! This way I will get a say in what it is.

Also we decided to get married on your anniversary!!! July 24th. It is actually Ryan's parent's anniversary too. I know it will be a sweet day to remember you and I'm so excited for that. I'm a little scared that it will be really hard for dad.

Thanks for reminding me often never to settle and that I should keep my standards high cause I found a guy who fits those.

I love you and miss you,
Kaci Jo

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Kelsey said...

that made me a little sad... but in a good way (i think)

Kassie said...

yay! great letter!! I think Kelsey should start one too. And congrats! and I finally heard the story of how he proposed (because I forgot to ask you earlier when we talked). :) love you.

Cindy said...

Ryan's Mom will be at your wedding. I know I am not your Mom and can never replace her, but know I am thrilled to gain a daughter. I love the letters to your Mom, it touches my heart.

Star Forbis said...

Congratulations! Great story.

And Happy Saturday Sharefest from SITS.

From someone who has lost my Dad & my only sister, I can certainly relate to feeling a sadness in the middle of the joy. Thanks for sharing them both with your readers. I'll be back to read more! :)