Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Brokenhearted Love: Give it, Live it

Today I read this blog post and it spoke to my heart.  It is written by Molly Piper who two and half years ago had a stillborn child.  

Please go read it.

I want to be someone who gives broken-hearted love.  I want to be someone who receives broken hearted love.

This week has been another hard one.  On Sunday I was able to see one of my friends who just lost his father a few weeks ago.  After church I went over with the intent to pray for him, but instead I sat there and sobbed with him and his wife.  Sobbed.  And then I sobbed some more.  Eventually words were able to come out, but that took a while. I was only able to show love with my tears.  

I want to be someone who never forgets this pain. I want to be someone who can come alongside someone and unashamedly cry with them.  Comfort them with my tears, join in with them in the pain and love upon them.  That is my prayer.      

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*Lesli* said...

I puffy heart you and your big huge heart!