Friday, May 21, 2010

Letter to My Mom (part 6)

To check out this series, click here.  To read my mom's blog, click here.  Why am I writing these?

Hey mom,

This week has been interesting--full of high and lows.

Melinda's friend, Tracey passed away on Sunday night.  I know your heart would have broken.  I didn't think that it would affect me much on Sunday, but then on Monday, it shook me a whole lot.  Lots of tears.  And it made me miss you too.  I sent dad a text that said "I miss mom a lot today."  He sent me one back that said "I miss her a lot too and I cry myself to sleep every night, stay strong."  He called me a few minutes later and we just spent a good five minutes crying together.  Mom you married a good guy.

This week we figured out sound equipment for the wedding.  Kelsey almost has the invitations done.  They just need to printed now.  You would have loved them.  I'll have to post them soon for you.  Ryan and I have most of the music figured out too; we just need to decide what song is going to play as we leave.

Last weekend I babysat Mallari.  She was precious.  I sadly didn't take any pictures, but I get to spend this weekend with her too.  So I will have lots of pictures to share next week with you.

Love your favorite,
kaci jo


kinsey said...

1) I miss mom a lot
2) dad is a pretty good at texting
3) g is confused why aunt kinsey is crying
4) love you

Kassie said...

big hug