Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day.

My dad is an amazing man.  I respect and love him deeply.  I could go on and on with many cheesy things, but you should go check out this post.  I wrote it a year ago.  (It brings by far the most amount of traffic to my blog, not much, but the most.  If you google "Why I love my dad," it is the fourth thing to show up (you would be surprised how many people actually google that.))

Go check it out.  

I feel like I could make a whole new list from the things I have seen him do these past six months since my mom has passed away.

Here's some more to add to the previous list of 30.

31. He's not afraid to cry.
32. He recently learned how to text message, and with that he'll send me good morning texts.
33. He tells me how much he misses my mom.
34. After my mom passed away, he was determined to finish house projects cause he never had before.  Since then he has finished redoing two complete rooms.
35. He always asks me how my van is running.

36. He's going to walk me down the aisle.
37. He recently bought a Harley and gives me rides on it.
38. He calls me on the phone just to see how my day was.
39. Never once have I visited home without him stuffing me full of food.  I definitely will not go hungry if he is around.
40. He taught me how to always find a great deal and never settle for less.


Kelsey said...

love it!

Kassie said...

I agree, Dad is pretty great.