Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I'm Not So Good at This Game.

Today I walked into my kind of boss' office to ask her a question.  And guess who's blog she was stalking?  yep, mine (but I've told her a million times, she needs to use google reader, much more efficient.)  At that moment I felt like a bit of a failure because it has been so long since I have posted.

So here is a pointless blog for all of my stalkers to read.

Tonight adventure...Ryan and I went to go get his wedding band at Valley West mall.  We went to Joseph's first because we love them (random fact from a previous employee:  they are the only jewelry store in dsm that doesn't run on commission.)  The lady helping us was super nice, and not overbearing at all.  We would have got it there but Ryan didn't like any of their rings.

We then went next door to the overbearing saleswoman who was definitely not satisfied with Ryan's 'he didn't like anything' response and that we were going to look elsewhere.  She was ready to have us look at a magazine and order one.  So annoying.

Then we went to the next place (think: Every kiss begins with....) the sales guy looked exhausted.  He hunched over in his chair while Ryan was looking at the rings.  Not at all trying to sell them to us, or did he really listen to anything we had to say (If I wasn't in an over enthusiastic mood, I would have been annoyed, instead I was determined to make his day.)  So me being who I am (very blunt, just in case you didn't know) told the salesman that he is been by far the least enthusiastic salesperson all day and he looks exhausted.  And how that was kind of ironic because Ryan actually liked one of the rings and bought his there.  I think he enjoyed me telling him that he was the worst, cause he gave us a discount.

Yes a pointless story, but I forewarned you all ahead of time.

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Small Town Girl said...

I'm so non-confrontational that I would have probably told the salesman how nice he was. :) Glad yall found a ring. Just one step closer...