Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Life in Smiles

We're getting married.  Only 37 more days!

Ryan holding Mallari.  He's ready to be a dad.

I like this sister.  She made my beautiful invites!

Memorial day picnic and soccer game.  My team loved each other.

Incredible Pizza....Need I say more, it was incredible.  I won the shooting game!

We won the basketball game!

They lost the basketball game and possible every other game we competed against them in.

Miniature Golf, look at those studs.

"No I don't ever pose for pictures.

We're cute

We spent 30+ minutes at this game trying to get the bonus.  We never hit it.  Yes we are lame adults.

And all of our cool prizes, very jealous, I know.


*Lesli* said...

always havin' a good time :)

Kelsey said...

i like you too. :)

Kassie said...

fun photos