Saturday, July 17, 2010


I had my very first legitimately lost wedding invite in the mail.  My dear friend emailed me and asked my wedding details cause she didn't get an invite.  Wow I felt so bad because I even remember writing her address on the postcard. I didn't really ever think things actually got lost in the mail.  I had so much trust in the postal system.  So if you think I sent you an invite and you didn't get one, still come!!!!  Cause there is a huge chance it got lost in the mail.  Or you don't think I sent you one and you want to come, still come!!!  No need to RSVP, unless you are bringing a whole marching band and then I might want to know.

I thought I would let the whole world know the details of my wedding because I would love anyone who would want to be there to share this day with us to be there.  So come and have fun!

Here's the typical wedding site we made.  So go check it out.

The wedding is July 24th at 10AM at the Sylvan Theater at Greenwood Park in Des Moines with a small breakfast in the park to follow.  If you need directions, go here.

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