Friday, July 16, 2010

Letter to My Mom (part 8)

Another part of the Letter to Mom series.

Hey mom,

8 days....yeah 8 whole days and then I'll be married.  It is so weird, but so exciting.

This past weekend one of my beautiful friends, Liz, got married to Alan.  Their joy was gorgeous.  The wedding itself was so good, but then came the dances with the parents and such and I lost it.  I was a big baby.  There was no controlling my emotions.

This weekend is my future (in 8 days future) next door neighbor, Abby and Tonio's wedding.  I know it will be beautiful too and so will the joy that will be present.  I have a feeling though my emotions will be a roller coaster again.

And then there is my wedding (did I mention only 8 days away?)  I have yet to decide if I'll cry like a baby.  But then again I don't really think it is something I decide, it will just happen.  So mom I'm pretty sure I'll be crying like a baby wishing you were there to see me given away by dad.  Wishing you were able to see my get married to the love of my life.

I know you would be slightly disappointed cause I know your dream was always that I would marry Clay Aiken and sadly proof of that will always be found on the internet.  (scroll about half way down.)  But I thank Jesus daily that didn't happen :)

I love you and think of you often.
kaci jo

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