Friday, August 27, 2010

I'm not interesting

It's true, I stink at updating this blog. I will probably continue to stink until my life gets back into some sort of routine.

Here's the quick update/thoughts of my life:

My youngest sister, Kinsey, got her gallbladder out, and then a few days later went back into the hospital because of immense pain. She's only had one real meal in two weeks and one sip of water in a week. She thought she would be released today, but found out her white blood cell count in high again, so more tests for her. I know she would love some random notes from very random people. So if you are bored you should send her one of these. You just need to know her name: Kinsey Sloss.

Ryan, my great husband, has a blog now. Raging liberals should find it entertaining.

And speaking of raging liberals, my other little sister, Kelsey, just got a job at the Holocaust Museum.

You should also check out Ryan and I's wedding pictures! We had an amazing photographer who I absolutely adore and would recommend to anyone.

I still daily think of things I would blog on a anonymous blog, maybe I should get on that.

Dominion is a great board game.


*Lesli* said...

you ARE interesting. I sent Kinsey an E card :) shhhhhhh. AND i LOVE your wedding pictures.

Jenni Schwartz said...

MY sister almost did an internship at the Holocaust museum! It came down to whether she wanted to work somewhere fascinating like that for free or work somewhere less fascinating for pay. She chose the money. :(

Kaci Jo said...

the internships there now are paid. I guess a new law was passed in DC that interns have to get paid as of this spring.

Kelsey said...

correction: some of the internship aren't paid... i was just lucky.
and the whole internship in DC now being paid is b/c of a NY times articles that questioned if unpaid internships violated the minimum wage laws. and a lot of places started to pay their interns...idk, to feel better about themselves or something.
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