Monday, September 20, 2010

How to post a comment

I have many faithful readers out there who did not grow up with computers, so here is a tutorial to how to leave a comment on Kaci's blog.

At the top of each blog post is the Title in blue print.

Below that it says 'Brought to you by Kaci Jo on such and such.'  Then it says "others like me" and random labels are written there.  (You can click on one of those words to see other blog post that have that same topic.)  Then it says "Comments: (#)."  The # represents a random number which is how many comments have already been posted.

Click on the number.  And it takes you to another page.  It says "leave your comment."  That is where you type a message about how amazing I am.  Then below that you can log into your google account if you have one.  But if you don't have one, click on the little circle in front of anonymous.  And then click on the big orange button that says "Publish your comment."

That is how you leave a comment :)  


Anonymous said...

well, it suppose to be in 3D, can I download and watch? will it show normally?

Kelsey said...

oh Kaci... you are funny

lauren said...

I do enjoy reading your blog and I'm glad
I have found it. now we're both openly reading eachothers blogs! so great!

Jenni Schwartz said...

I will say that I may need to copy this idea and write up a blog about how to comment on MY blog. Too funny.

However, I will also add that you can only link in to your comment section the way that you say if you go to your full blog. I had to go to the bottom where it says "post a comment" because I linked in to this specific blog entry as opposed to the full blog. Just a thought... (although I'm sure if people are linking in that way, they can probably figure it out since it literally says "post a comment".)

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the computer lesson I have tried to post a comment for months and never have been able to. Aunt Jeri

Anonymous said...

I just want to say Hi to Everyone!

Anonymous said...

I just want to say Hi to Everyone!