Friday, September 17, 2010

the last of the summer photos

I've realized recently that for the past two months I have barely taken any pictures. Starting today, I'm going back to my old ways of taking way too many pointless pictures and sharing them with you all. The camera is going back in the purse to be carried around all day. Here are the last few summer photos that I have yet to share.

This was at Abby and Tonio's wedding. This is probably my favorite photo of the summer (besides my amazing wedding photos.)

Dennis, Ryan's brother, was in town for a couple of weeks, so he came with us to Abby and Tonio's wedding. I'm pretty sure he is scare to take pictures with me. This was the closest I could get to him.

Ryan and I on top of our hotel that my very amazing sister, Kassie, and her husband graciously gave us as a wedding gift. Our honeymoon was amazing. The weather was perfect. Minneapolis is a great city and we found lots of things to do downtown. It was a perfect week.


Kassie said...

We just need a sister's weekend, then you'll have lots of pointless pictures.

Nice pictures though. :)

*Lesli* said...

CUTE. I have some on my phone that I'm going to send you right NOW!