Monday, November 1, 2010

Letter to my mom (part 9)

This letter is part of the Letter to My Mom series.

Hey mom,

Wow, life has gotten hard again.  It has been 11 months.  I feel like we are creeping closer to the one year mark and all I want to do is to pause life, not make it come any closer, not make it a reality, not let anymore memories of you drift away.

From my education I could draw you a graph about mourning and when it is hard, harder and hardest.  There is your peak right when the person passes, then the next peak at six months and then one at one year.  I am definitely your cookie cutter example (besides the peak at 8 months when I got married, but I'm sure there is a graph someone that if that was included there would be a peak too.)

That doesn't make it any actually kind of makes it lamer cause I know it is just going to keep rising in the next month.

But I will keep going, keep trusting that the Lord is drawing me near to him and that I can trust in the one who has created me.

Love you,
Your best daughter
kaci jo